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Get Business Critical Data, into the right hands, at the right time!

kMap is a smart Middleware that bridges the GAP between People, Processes & Technology!

In 1953 Physicist and Mathematician, Maurice Karnaugh pioneered a ground-breaking technique making complex equations simple.

Karnaugh’s kMap allowed people to simply see and understand.

Inspired by Karnaugh’s work kMap uses proprietary AI techniques to Automate processes and empower the curation of Insights.

kMap lets you drive accountability, performance so you can deliver when it Matters.

Consolidate from multiple sources.
Provide and control a single view to your Business.

Business decisions are built on Data. Unreliable Data costs time and money.

Let Your AI do the work

kMap frees people from repetitive tasks so they can focus on adding insights, creating value and driving profits.

Make Smarter Decisions

kMap helps people make smarter faster decisions. It’s trained to be more useful as it’s used to automate and control processes. Freeing you to Focus your attention where it matters.

A Complete System

kMap gives you the productivity tools you need to record, analyse, publish, schedule and discuss in one place. You don’t need to switch between systems to get their job done, saving time and money.


kMap treats every interaction as a unique event. The platform watches who did what, why and when. It monitors the behaviour of content creators and content created. kMap gives you the confidence to act swiftly and surely, saving you time, effort, and expense.


kMap tracks what you need to deliver on time. Our advanced AI maps the flow of information in your business. When it detects potential delays, it gives you the opportunity to intervene straight away, giving you the opportunity to avoid missed deadlines.

My Actions

We all depend on our teams, other people depend on you. kMap helps you prioritise based on the people around you and on what matters to your business.

Automatic KPI creation

Our core Pillars of Collect, Share, Control, automatically creates KPIs you can use to Monitor and Manage your Business.

Making your Key Data work for you

Your Key Data is locked up in your people, the processes they do or don’t follow , all their tools and the sources they use every day to perform their jobs. Gather it all in one place.

360° Visibilty

See all people, processes and data sources used to deliver your critical information.

Effective Controls

Speed up the preparation and sharing of key information. Make SMART decisions quickly.

Quick Answers

kMap spots potential delays before they happen and let’s you ask questions and take action with the right people at the right time.

Superior Accuracy

kMap’s anomalies AI helps ensure information is accurate and consistent.

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